Frequently Asked Question


How long does delivery take?
That depends from location we are shipping the product. Approximately it goes from 3-7 working days for Europe And 4-10 working days for the rest of the world. We will send you precise information after the address.

How long the production process lasts?
If we do not have the product you want in your color in stock or you want custom colors, the production might last 1-3 weeks.

Which colors do you have in range for custom orders?
When you place the custom order you need to tell us what color or colors are you looking for and we will send you leather examples that we have in those colors that you can choose from.

Can I order metal hardware in different color?
If you want to change or choose color for metal hardware on your bag, please choose custom order and send us what color you want. You can choose between silver, gold and black nickel.

What is the size of belt that comes with belt bag?
Belt size varies from your hips and waist size. We will send you the belt that fits your size.

Are all the linings velvet?
For most of our products the lining is red velvet, except for belt bag.

Are all the products made from genuine leather?
Yes, they are.