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Belt Bag


Material: Genuine Leather
Size: 19x11x4cm

Is very small purse or accessory which can be worn in few different vays. It comes with belt (that can be adjusted to your size) and chain which gives you opportunity to wear it as belt bag  or shoulder bag or even a cross-body bag in some cases.

Note: If you want a custom color, contact us at nevenmanufaktura@gmail.com
Note: If you don’t want initials, leave the field “your initials” blank.

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Neven Manufaktura is a leather goods brand based in Belgrade, Serbia. Our products are designed
and handmade with great attention. High-quality leather and velvet lining are our signatures.
Enjoy luxury every day. We can print your initials on any of our products.


Black, Creme Brulee, Nude, Raspberry Pink, Red, White